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By this newsletter we’re happy to inform you,
by email or regular mail, about the ongoing projects
and we want to use this opportunity to thank
our sponsors
who made these projects possible.

You offer so many WINGS!!

January 2010

Thanks to you generous financial support 2009 became a year in which we with our association “Wings of Hope” could realise a lot for the benefit of our projects in Burundi and Rwanda.
May 2010 become a year to dream of!
For all of you and for all our friends in the region of the large lakes.

Uncountable time thanks on behalf of

C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04717 [640x480].jpg

and we hope, together with you all, to be able to keep on flying long.

Thanks to our excursion through Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda (end of November till middle of December 2009) we can share the latest news over the status of the projects with you!

Mill projects ‘Gitukura en Kabere’
Burundi – Mabayi – Friday December 04th 2009

Meeting the responsible persons for the start of the 2 ‘mill projects’ Gitukura en Kabere.
Because of a heavy thunderstorm we arrived with some delay in the work shop of DAB (project 2008). Despite that the reception was not at all less cordial.
The development of projects in the region of Mabayi ensures a positive note, with the revival of the confidence in the future as a consequence.
The necessary funds for the realisation of the projects were handed over and the cooperation agreements were signed.
There was an atmosphere of friendship and seeing known faces again made every moment unique. It speaks for itself that a lot of positive messages have been exchanged and we got the affirmative message from the responsible persons that they will all what needs to make these projects a success.

Photo: Board of “Vleugels van Hoop” vzw together with the responsible persons of the mills projects in Mabayi.

C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC03521 [800x600] [640x480].jpg


Project: Manufacturing of nurse aprons
Rwanda – Cyangugu – Sunday December 6th 2009

Agathe and Julienne receive, in the absence of Benedicta, the funds for the manufacturing of the nurse aprons (including the purchasing of the tissues and the knitting of the aprons).

Photo: Signing of the cooperation agreements by sister Agathe and Bernadette Verhoye

C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC03581 [800x600] [640x480].jpg      C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC03585 [800x600] [640x480].jpg

Project: Canalisation ‘Twese Hamwe’ Rwanda – Kigali – December 21st 2009

The works were carried out over the last months and we could admire the splendid result. Here pictures say more than words.

Twese Hamwe 2009 afwatering      C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04696 [640x480].jpg         C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04697 [640x480].jpg

Project: Domestics economy 2008 ‘Twese Hamwe’ Rwanda – Kigali

All participants in this course immediately found a job in the hotel and catering industry (region Kigali). It is a proud Bernadette Umurerwa (standing 3rd of right) responsible for the centre, who shows us the photographs from the diploma distribution event.

 C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\P1030185 [640x480].JPG

The kitchen area for the training was extended with a gas stove and in the big room cupboards have been placed to store glasses, plates,…

C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04687 [800x600] [640x480].jpg    C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04680 [800x600] [640x480].jpg   

Project: Equipment of dormitories Shyorongi – Rwanda – December 21st 2009

Only the floor covering and the ceiling are missing in the new dormitories.
The order for the beds, mattresses and blankets were by placed by Christine.
So as soon as the building is fully ready the equipment, sponsored by ‘Vleugels van Hoop’, can be brought in.
The classes which were till now used as dormitories, can again be used for their initial purpose, which will allow an increase in number of students.

Photo’s: The new dormitories and on of the classes which till now is used as dormitory.

C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04743 [800x600] [640x480].jpg       C:\Users\Dominique\Pictures\Nieuwsbrief foto's januari 2010\DSC04763 [640x480].jpg

Heikenskermis 2010

Already mark August 21st 2010 in your calendar for our big summer party in Moerbeke-Waas

Thank you to so many people who, close by or far away,
likes on the ideas of   ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ vzw and support them.

Do you want to support 'Vleugels van Hoop'vzw?
Bank account number 001-5300142-41
From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

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