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Frequently Asked Questions

To what has a project proposal to match?

  • The yield of a project has to beneficial to a community of people, so to the benefit of a specified target group.
  • Geographical our field of activities is the area of the big lakes in Central Africa.
  • You need to send in the project proposal using the attached template (annex 1).

Our way of working ?

  • The evaluation of project requests happens twice a year by the board of Vleugels van Hoop vzw
  • The acceptance of a project request happens by voting amongst the members of the board and the ambassadors of Vleugels van Hoop vzw. The board will not give a rectification of their decision.
  • When a project is approved a cooperation agreement is established; this document will be signed by the requestor and by the member of the board of Vleugels van Hoop vzw. Both signing persons will be automatically the speaking partner and responsible person for the project.
  • The requestor has a bank account and informs us about the name, address, contact person with phone and fax number, IBAN-bank account number and Swift. Vleugels van Hoop will, before transferring the funds, contact the local bank responsible.
  • The responsible person of the project (requestor) signs for receipt of the funds and asks the bank to mail or fax the signed receipt to the vzw.
  • Each purchase, regardless of the order of magnitude, has to be proven by a signed invoice, so invoices are absolutely necessary to rectify the overall sponsored sum.
  • The project responsible send the vzw, as a compensation for the financial help, a status report and this every 3 months, including pictures (annex 2).
  • Vleugels van Hoop vzw can never be considered as employer; the vzw is not paying any salaries.
  • In order to have an optimal project success rate, every problem has to be reported immediately, in all openness and honesty, to find together the best solution.